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Pranav`s Microcosm
all about the things that invoked feelings in my heart...

A state of mind some may call,
Or a part of life’s rise and fall.
In everyones life it may come,
And upset the wind or darken the sun.
In so many ways it is seen,
Seems life then looses its sheen.
Everyone falls into its gaping hole,
But rise out with a replenished soul.
A new feeling arises when one comes out,
Like the start of a flood at the end of a drought.
Some at the time may lose the will to live,
But the experience has so much to give.
Sadness it is you i talk about,
The immortal pain, the endless drought…

Five more minutes…

Just came across this story somewhere on the net. Keeping it here to show you.

* * * * *

I met a girl once…

I met a girl once
Whom I felt
Close to my soul
But I saw her heart
Tied to another
I backed off
Hundreds of miles
Without telling her
How much I cared
Admired and wished
I thought of her
From dawn till next
Holding memories
Close to the heart
Smiling once in awhile
With an ending tear…

the incomplete part…

Now that your gone,
all my sunny skies have turned into darkness and rain.
How can I live on,
when all I feel are heartaches and pain.
Sleeping at night is the most difficult part,
I can still see your face and feel you in my heart.
I miss everything we’ve done together,
as you held me tight through the stormy weather.
I watched your every move as you went away,
and when I saw you walk through those gates,
my whole life had changed.
Saying goodbye was the hardest for us to do.
But I will love you with every beat of my heart and
I’ll be here waiting for you as the incomplete part…

Feelings felt

When you find someone you love
It’s hard to tell them how you feel,
but even harder to explain it’s real.
It hurts so much to hear that person say,
Im wrong to feel this way,
What can I do? What can I say?
To make you understand how I feel about you each and everyday,
Is it that my heart skips a beat everytime you pass or how the
walls around the heart came down with just a glance.
I toss and turn all night in bed,
thoughts of you running through my head
I don’t know what to say to prove that it’s real
Words cant express the way I feel
Just hold my hand and look into my eyes
If you see tears falling to the floor then you know
It’s meant to be,
that I really do love you…

Time to realise…

There used to be a time,
When you were always there,
But now it’s time to realize,
But the pain, i cannot bear.
The day you told me you were leaving,
I didn’t no what to do,
Whether to scream, cry or shout,
I didn’t know how to live life without you.
Some pain can’t be released through tears,
And there’s a point when blood,
Doesn’t do much for you either,
I felt stuck, in an emotional flood.
But i didn’t want to disappoint you,
Or let you down,
So as long as your happy,
I shall no longer frown.
All along you’ve been my angel,
There’s never been a day,
When i haven’t turned to you,
But now your going, far, far away.
But just now i thought I’d tell you,
That from now on,
I will always be with you,
In soul and spirit, even when your gone.
There comes a time, in everyone’s life,
A time to realize,
I think i just have,so for me,
Stay strong, happy and wise . . .

Does a friend have time to spend with friends and can give importance to him/her equal to his/her family member?
This question is pestering me since last month… Spent many long hours tossing and turning on my bed and thinking about it, read many articles on friendship etc. But, no answer satisfied me… Finally, came across these lines which tries to answer the question.
Some relationships don’t need everyday conversations, don’t always need togetherness, as long as the friendship is in heart.
True friendship never go apart. This is called Endurance in friendship. But always a small talk of kind reciprocation is always reccommendable which can boost the friendship to higher levels. Yes, service mood among the friends is always essential to maintain relationship. If anyone has this attitude then he is equally treating his/her friend as a family member.

The pain of lost friendship

The pain of a lost friendship eats at your soul, nags at your heart
You try to black everything out but it tears you apart
You try to shove it in the back of your mind, never to be revealed
But everything reminds you of your best friend that suddenly disappeared
It hurts to think of the times the two of you had shared
Like days when all you seemed to do was care
Tears are your constant companions that you try to fight on the outside
But the constant pain of missing them is always on the inside.
Don’t ever let true friendship go
Let it flourish, let it grow
Then maybe you’ll never have to feel
The things that I have written here…

I will be there…

When no one is there for you, And you think no one cares…
When whole world walks out on you, And you think you’re alone…

Thank you my friend…

Thank you my friend,
For being close to my heart
all these days,
And listening to all my woes
and whisperings.
The happiest minutes of my life,
are those which i spent with you,
convincing, arguing, quarreling,
with minds full of ego,
to accept one another,
But with hearts full of love,
to forgive one another.
Those days are gone, leaving
the sweet memories behind.
You have left me alone, cleaving
the weak heart again.
It pains me a lot, to know that
you are no more in my heart.
I dont want to disturb u anymore,
coz, i still love u a lot more,
and, i want your happiness as before.
Thank you my friend,
For being close to my heart
all these days,
And listening to all my woes
and whisperings…

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